African Linguistic Maps
provided by the Comparative Bantu Online Dictionary (CBOLD) Project at UC Berkeley

Guthrie (1967) vol.1 p. 72 "The reflexes of *ta1"

The CBOLD project has scanned a few maps, mainly as experiments to see how maps (colored, and otherwise) might be used as part of our research program. We provide some of these both as PICT images and as GIF images.

Also, Prof. Thilo C. Schadeberg, (Rijksuniversiteit Leiden), has provided some map images as part of a collaborative mapmaking project, Bantu MapMaker, a HyperCard stack for Apple Macintosh. The stack is free and comes with maps and databases especially for the Bantu speaking areas. The stack is now being maintained and developed jointly by Prof. Schadeberg and Dr. John B. Lowe, programmer and co-PI of the CBOLD project.